1. C-box grocery campaign starts on June 30th and ends on July 31st.

2. During the campaign C-box reimburses the grocery goods worth up to 40 euros for every 3rd user of C-box cooled locker located at Akadeemia tee 11.

E.g. If the winner ordered groceries worth of 50 euros to C-box locker, C-box reimburses him/her 40 euros. If the winner ordered groceries worth of 20 euros, C-box reimburses him/her 20 euros.

3. C-box contacts the winners privately via the email that they used to sign up as a user of C-box app (app.c-box.eu). Moreover, C-box announces the first names of the winners at its Facebook page (facebook.com/c-box.eu). 

4. To obtain the prize, the winners have to forward to C-box team the purchase receipt of the groceries ordered into the C-box locker and the bank account details for the transferral.

5. The information about the booking and usage of C-box lockers can be found from the C-box webpage and app.

6. C-box team is happy to answer to any question related to the campaign or the usage of C-box locker on the phone +372 6840055 or email info@c-box.eu.