C-box saves the day where the storage temperature of the goods is important!

C-box fits in the lobby of commercial building to receive any kind of goods for the companies and their employees. Copy paper supplies, parcels from a business partner, lunch from Wolt/Bolt or groceries for the evening – C-box accepts them all and is happy to help you.

We install the C-box in front of the office building door (outside) or behind it (in the lobby).

By installing the C-Box indoors, the code to open the front door can be transmitted to the courier via the C-software. The outdoor cabinet is more easily accessible to the courier.


We will consider the specifics of the building and its surroundings in the design of the parcel machine and awning. We will cover the C-box with roofing if needed.

The C-box can be easily made wider or narrower depending on the usage intensity.

Combine any number of lockers using both adjustable and unregulated internal temperature boxes. The lockers without adjustable temperature are 50% cheaper for the user


Usually only L-sized lockers (55*34*42cm) are used to fit even your BIGGEST goods.

DURABLE and EASY TO CLEAN. Lockers have a 5cm layer of insulation and the inner surface is covered with stainless steel.

The lockers are cooled by thermoelectric heat-exchangers with a lifespan of 20+ years. The heating elements are installed inside the walls of the lockers. This ensures the PREFERRED INTERNAL TEMPERATURE even during the hottest summer days as well as in winter frost.


The price of C-box depends on the needs of the businesses and employees in the commercial building. The price of cluster box depends on the sizes and types (adjustable or unregulated internal temperature) of lockers used and the operating system:

Fee for usage

If C-box installs the parcel machine in your building with its own expenses, the FEE FOR EVERY USAGE is 1,5-2€ per locker for 24h. The price varies according to the type of locker and the length of the locker’s usage period.


THE FULL PRICE of a C-box is on average 1550€ per locker. E.g. the average price of a cluster box with eight lockers is 8*1550€=12 400€. The price varies according to the types of lockers and other possible specific needs.

Contact us! We’d be happy to help you find the C-box solution and operating system best matching the needs of a commercial building.