Sounds familiar?

The courier delivering the gift for your mother-in-law calls you tediously three times in a row. You’re at a meeting and have to stop the phone from vibrating three times. The gift can’t be re-delivered until the beginning of next week.
The courier rings the bell just when you have finally gotten your baby to sleep. And the tired baby wakes up.
You get home from a long day of work late at night, just as the food delivery service has ended and the take-away of your favorite restaurant is also closed.

The C-box for a private residence solves all these delicate situations. Let the C-box wait for and receive your goods. A C-box for a private residence has adjustable internal temperature and can be set up to store your groceries, favourite pizza, articles of clothing etc. The possibilities are endless.

C-box may also be your friendly porter if you wish to leave any goods for return or pick-up. And it doesn’t matter if it’s your neighbour, client or courier picking it up – C-box likes them all. C-box can also be used as a spare fridge in case of a bigger garden party, some extra space for cooling your drinks.


C-box doesn’t need anything but 220V of electricity.

The most comfortable way to install the C-box is to integrate it with your gate. We can make it happen regardless of the material of your gate. Boards, metal, stone – anything works. We’ll also install the necessary electrical cables. However, if need be we can find another suitable solution for the installation of the C-box for your home.

Average price

You can choose if you prefer to buy the C-box (with installation) in full or enter into a usage agreement with monthly payments. The average price of a mono-locker is 2800€ and monthly payment 30-40€. Contact us! Together we will find a good solution to equip you with the revolutionary parcel machine of the new century!