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C-box was born out of the sincere belief that modern times need modern solutions! The explosive growth of e-commerce and the growing number of temperature-sensitive goods bought call for new logistical solutions. C-box is here to offer them!

We want to provide a solution that would make online shopping more convenient for the end-user, the service provider, the couriers and courier companies, and the environment. We want to bring a parcel machine that is close to you to every European apartment building! We will save you from waiting for couriers, from spoiled milk in your grocery bags and from cosmetics melting on your doorstep. We will make life easier for the couriers – no need to search for a parking spot nor the correct stairwell and no need to run up and down hundreds of stairs. And we want to do this as soon as possible.

The 8-member founders’ team of C-box has combined its expertise in IT, logistics, commerce and finance and we also work closely with other experts in their fields. All this to carry out a revolution in last mile logistics!