Sounds familiar?

The courier delivering the gift for your mother-in-law calls you tediously three times in a row. You’re at a meeting and have to stop the phone from vibrating three times. The gift can’t be re-delivered until the beginning of next week.
The courier rings the bell just when you have finally gotten your baby to sleep. And the tired baby wakes up.
You get home from a long day of work late at night, just as the food delivery service has ended and the take-away of your favorite restaurant is also closed.

The C-box is designed to make online shopping more convenient than ever for apartment building residents. C-box receives your goods from all couriers and service providers at any time, because our system does not require interfacing. Your goods are always stored at a suitable internal temperature in the C-box .

We’ll install the C-box next to the front door (outside) or back door (lobby). If the C-box is installed in your lobby, a code to open the back door can be forwarded to the courier via C-soft. The C-box installed outside is more easily accessible for the courier.


We will consider the specifics of the building and its surroundings in the design of the parcel machine and awning. We will cover the C-box with roofing if needed.

The C-box can be easily made wider or narrower depending on the usage intensity.

Combine any number of lockers using both adjustable and unregulated internal temperature boxes. The lockers without adjustable temperature are cheaper for the user


Usually only L-sized lockers (55*34*42cm) are used to fit even your BIGGEST goods.

DURABLE and EASY TO CLEAN. Lockers have a 5cm layer of insulation and the inner surface is covered with stainless steel.

The lockers are cooled by thermoelectric heat-exchangers with a lifespan of 20+ years. The heating elements are installed inside the walls of the lockers. This ensures the PREFERRED INTERNAL TEMPERATURE even during the hottest summer days as well as in winter frost.


Fee for usage

If C-box installs the parcel machine beside your apartment building with its own expenses, the FEE FOR EVERY USAGE is 1,5-2€ per locker for 24h. The price varies according to the type of locker and the length of the locker’s usage period.

Please contact us if you’re part of a board of an apartment association or a developer of new apartment buildings! We’d be happy to help you find the best C-box solution and operating system for your apartment building!