I am C-box. Parcel machine at your door, where you can order everything from everywhere. I am not your usual parcel machine because:

I am universal - I can be used by all couriers and service providers as well as a friend, grandmother and neighbour.

You just have to forward them the code that was sent to you when booking a locker and soon enough, you can pick up your goods.

I can be a heating oven or a fridge if you want. Just as best suited for your product.

I'm collectively used like a taxi, a scooter or an hotel. Paid by the user.

I am spacious. All my lockers can easily hold three grocery bags, a whole box of wine or any other L-sized parcel.

I am environmentally friendly because I am energy-efficient and enable couriers to work at night and outside of peak hours.

C-box is easy to use

Book a locker in the C-box app with your phone or computer. Choose the suitable temperature for storage. You will receive a single-use C-code.

Enter the C-code next to the delivery address or in the “message to courier” field in check out.

You will be notified when your goods are dropped off to the locker. You will receive a new code to retrieve your goods from the locker.


Check out the solutions we offer for apartment buildings, commercial buildings, private and semi-attached houses and real estate developers and find the one best suited for you.

“The fact that the C-box parcel machine is located at my door means I don’t have to wait for a courier and that gives me so much more freedom. The couriers are happy to use it - it is exciting and easy to use as they can drop off my package at any time. I also use the C-box lockers if I need to leave something for my friends to pick up at a time I’m not home myself.”
user of the C-box apartment block parcel machine
“In our family, C-box is mainly used for groceries drop off when no one’s home. In the past, we often didn’t buy groceries online because we didn’t know our exact plans for the next day and it was hard to pick a suitable time for delivery but now that problem is solved! We have also gained some free time not having to go to an actual store every week. Sometimes we even use C-box to leave keys for each other, in case one of us forgot them in the morning.”
user of the C-box apartment block parcel machine
“The benefits of the C-box lockers: convenient locations; the possibility to regulate the internal temperature of a locker and thus ensure suitable conditions for your goods; a rapidly evolving network; the possibility to optimize the courier’s work hours and the route of the deliveries.”
Rimi E-commerce Fulfilment Manager
“I shop online a lot, especially internationally and the delivery is often free on these sites. However, at one point it got very tiring and time-consuming to always be waiting for a courier. Now I send the couriers instructions on how to use the C-box even if I’m home as it no longer interferes with my schedule.”
user of the C-box private parcel machine