Terms of Use of C-box lockers and app

  1. General

1.1. These general terms and conditions (hereinafter: Terms of Service) apply to the use of C-box OÜ application (hereinafter: C-box app) and parcel machines.

1.2. C-box OÜ offers its clients the possibility to use parcel machine lockers close to their homes. The lockers are controllable via the C-box app.

1.3. The Terms of Service apply to all registered users (hereinafter: User) of the C-box app.

1.4. By registering as a user on the C-box app as well as using the app and parcel machine lockers, the User confirms that they have read the Terms of Service and agree with them.

1.5. The Terms of Service do not determine the relationship between C-box parcel machine lockers and their location managers.

  1. Use of Services

2.1. C-box parcel machines meant for public use, installed at the expense of C-box OÜ, can be used by anyone who has registered as a user in the C-box app and booked themselves a locker for their desired time period.

2.2. If the User forgets their password, they can reset it in the C-box app by entering the e-mail that they signed up with.

2.3. The price of the public-use lockers is set by C-box OÜ who will then inform their client via the C-box app.

2.4. The use of lockers that are not solely owned by C-box (private use lockers) is determined by their owner(s). However, the private use lockers also require the client to register as a C-box app user.

2.5. To deliver goods to the C-box parcel machines, it is not necessary to register as a user on the app. Anyone who has received the permission and instructions from the person booking the locker can deliver packages to the lockers.

  1. Provision of Services

3.1. All kinds of goods can be delivered to the C-box parcel machines. The client only has to take into account the dimensions of the locker and make sure that the ordered goods have been packaged in an appropriate manner.

3.2. Before ordering, the User has to make sure that they are legally allowed to receive and own the goods they wish to buy and receive.

3.3. In order to use the C-box lockers, the User must book a locker for a suitable time period for them. Please note that the maximum booking period is five days and the start date of the booking can be set a maximum of five days in advance.

3.4. If there are more than five days until the delivery of your goods, you should wait to book the locker until the delivery date gets closer and/or until the service provider notifies you of the imminent arrival of the goods.

3.5. If the date of delivery is uncertain, you should wait until the delivery date has been confirmed and there are less than five days until the goods arrive.

3.6. When booking a locker, it is possible to choose between three different internal temperatures (if the type of locker allows it): “ambient”, “cool”, “warm”.

3.7. When the internal temperature of “ambient” is selected, the temperature does not change and the locker has a similar temperature to the outdoor one (just a few degrees colder in summer and slightly warmer in winter due to the insulation layer of the locker). The “ambient” setting is well suited for goods that are not temperature sensitive.

3.8. When the internal temperature of “cool” is selected, the temperature of the locker is +5 degrees during the booked period. The “cool” setting is well suited for temperature sensitive groceries.

3.9. When the internal temperature of “warm” is selected, the temperature of the locker is +55 degrees during the booked period. The “warm” setting is well suited for food delivery.

3.10. The public-use C-box lockers are free of charge until autumn 2022 (courtesy of the pilot project of the C-box parcel machines). The app will display a price of 0€ and the User does not have to pay anything.

3.11. After entering the booking details and clicking “Activate locker booking” in the app, the C-box app reserves the locker for the User who then has access to the booking details as well as the first C-code that can be added to delivery information or sent to the courier. 

3.12. If the entered booking details were incorrect and/or the purchase of the goods failed for some reason, the User can cancel their booking at any time by just clicking “Cancel pre-booking” under the booking details tab.

3.13. All User’s active bookings can be found under the app’s “Dashboard” tab which is also the home page of the app.

3.14. The C-code required to open the locker can be sent to the service provider/courier in many different ways:

3.14.1. If the webshop has a field “Messages to courier”, you can enter your code and instructions there. E.g. “Deliver to the C-box parcel machine at the front door, the code is #####”

3.14.2. If the webshop allows, you can add the code next to your home address in the delivery field. E.g. „Seebi 1, C-box parcel machine, code: #####”

3.14.3. If the address field of the webshop is standardized and you can’t add the information there, you can always add the C-code after your name (the name field is never standardized).

3.14.4. If you are shopping internationally and do not know the exact delivery date at the time of purchase, it is recommended to book a locker only when the courier or service provider notifies you of the imminent arrival of the goods.

3.15. The C-box app notifies the User of the arrival of the goods via e-mail and SMS and also sends them a new (second) C-code for opening the locker once more.

3.16. The C-box app notifies the User via SMS three hours before the booking period is about to end so that the User has enough time to pick up their packages.

3.17. If the User is not able to pick up their goods before the booking period ends, they can extend their booking time by calling +372 6840055.

3.18. If the goods have not been picked up by the end of the booking period and the User has not expressed the desire to extend it, the packages will be taken to the C-box OÜ offices and the User will be notified of the new location. They then have 10 days to pick them up.

3.19. Feedback on the C-box app and the experience of using the lockers can be provided via a web form which is sent to the User with the second C-code (needed to pick up packages). Additional information about C-box OÜ can be found on the C-box website c-box.eu.

  1. Personal Data Processing

4.1. The C-box app requires the processing of User data (including name, phone number, e-mail address) as well as other submitted data during the use of the app, and the forwarding of that data to relevant people at C-box OÜ.

4.2. C-box OÜ processes the collected data only to the extent necessary for the provision of services and for the effective explanation of its features.

  1. Updating Terms of Service

5.1. C-box has the right to update their Terms of Service at any time by notifying the User via the C-box app and on the website c-box.eu/useofterms

5.2. C-box has the right to terminate the provision of services (includes the C-box app and the parcel machine lockers) at any time by giving a 30 days’ notice. The notice will be published via the C-box app and/or on the C-box website c-box.eu.

5.3. If changes in the C-box app also affect the use of lockers, they will be resolved separately.

  1. Other Conditions

6.1. In matters not regulated by the Terms of Service, C-box and the User are to follow the legislation and the principles of good faith and reasonableness.