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A brief introduction to the C-box family

Hi! We are C-box. Estonia’s first family of parcel machines with adjustable internal temperature.

At the moment we have settled in at the door of a few private residences and buildings that are located here. Our mission is simple – we help our families to receive online purchases with ease. It is not important who does the online shopping – we are there to accept goods from absolutely everyone. As a bonus, we are very universal and independent of service providers.

All you need to communicate with us is a smart device. Just let us know that you want to order goods using our help and then forward the locker code you receive from us to the courier or service provider.

Every parcel that comes our way will be kept at the right temperature and out of the wrong hands. For as long as the family needs. Some customers will be here in a few hours, others will visit us the next day. But do not worry, the groceries are still fresh, the beer just as cold and the basket of delicious pies from earlier still warm.

When the goods arrive, we will immediately let the family know. We also provide a new code to open the locker and safely receive your goods. We do not send that to just anybody.

We believe that we are kind of making history here. We save our customers’ valuable time by not making them wait for the couriers. And the same goes for the couriers – they no longer have to wait or search for the owner of the goods. As a result, packages can now move faster between cities and also outside of peak hours. Yes, we are helping both the logistics management and the environment at the same time!

We keep it simple and are quite energy efficient. Just a small fee from the person who books the locker for their goods. And we only use electricity when the locker is actually in use and set to the right temperature.

Needless to say that you will be seeing a lot more of us in the future. We are sure that we can be of help and we truly want to help as many people as possible. We believe that most of our customers will be the residents of apartment buildings or employees of commercial buildings. However, we will not shy away from the opportunity to make inhabitants of private residences happy as well. Come on, let’s talk options and find the best solution for you.

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