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Who gets the most out of C-box existence and why?

Ahoy! It’s us, the family of the revolutionary parcel machines. We already know why we consider ourselves revolutionary, but we feel like maybe there is a bit of explaining to do. For example, you might be curious about our purpose here, both in this society and in life in general. Let this blogpost here explain now and forever who gets the most out of C-box existence and why.

You do!

This is all explained HERE.

We of course assume that one of the members of our family of parcel machines has moved in right in front of your door (don’t worry, sooner or later they will – you may knock on our door to find out more!;))

The merchant / service provider does!

The merchant or the service provider can deliver their goods or equipment to you with ease and comfort. At the same time, they can be sure that the goods or other devices are safely stored in the C-box lockers. We will keep them safe from strangers and at a suitable temperature. And they can do it all without contacting us first or setting up some kinds of agreements – we’re an “open solution“, friends with everyone.

The couriers and the courier companies do!

We will save them time and reduce the stress. Since we are so kind and helpful, located in front of your residence 24/7, the courier can deliver the package quickly and without contact. Whether you are at home or not is no longer important to them, thus you can fill your days with more exciting things. Not to mention that the courier no longer has to climb hundreds of stairs. They don’t even have to search for a parking space near your house, because all the C-box parcel machines are easily accessible.

They can also plan their trips more optimally in terms of both time and route as there is no need to schedule deliveries with the customer. This means avoiding rush hour and traffic jams, getting around during the night and delivering packages to the same area at once.

The environment does!

Every car has its impact on our environment. Especially the kinds of cars that drive around the city all day long and constantly sit in a traffic jam. If the cars of the courier companies spend less time on the road and avoid rush hours, the amount of car emissions in an urban area will be significantly reduced! This is a big win for the environment!

So who really gets the most out of C-box? You, the couriers, the service providers, and the environment! Sounds like a good deal, doesn’t it?;)

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