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What can be ordered to the C-box parcel machine?

Universal parcel machine at your door to which all couriers and service providers have access – sounds good, right? But what can be ordered to the C-box parcel machine, are there any limitations? What is the capacity of the C-box parcel machine lockers?? How safe are they? Why is it especially convenient to order groceries to the C-box lockers? What other goods do we recommend ordering there? Find out below.

Are there any limitations to using the C-box parcel machines?

It is possible to order all kinds of goods that can be home delivered to your C-box lockers. C-box parcel machines can be used by anyone who has booked a locker anyone who has booked a locker to receive, return or send out their goods. Every webshop, courier, or individual to whom you send the necessary C-code can access the C-box lockers.

That means that nearly everything can be ordered there. If you have the right to buy the goods, you have the right to receive them. If you have the right to sell the goods, you have the right to deliver them via C-box parcel machines. Just make sure that the package size corresponds to the size, measurements of the booked locker.

The capacity of C-box lockers

Most of the C-box lockers are similar in size to the L-size lockers of the most popular courier companies.

Dimensions: depth 60 cm, width 50 cm, height 38cm.

Such lockers nicely hold at least 3 grocery bags, a box of beverages, or other things of that size.

Some C-box parcel machines offer the possibility to book a smaller locker for your goods – you can find the sizes of the smaller lockers on our C-box app.

What to do if none of the locker sizes fit my goods?

If your order does not fit into one locker but it’s possible to divide it between two or more (e.g. you have 5 grocery bags), then you can book multiple lockers. In this case, you simply send two C-codes to the courier.

However, if the dimensions of one of your goods exceed the dimensions of the biggest locker (e.g. a mop), you will, unfortunately, have to be home for the delivery. Luckily, that does not happen very often and most items fit nicely in the C-box lockers.

What goods are especially convenient and useful to order to your C-box lockers?

Kuna C-box’i jõuavad kaubad „kuller koju“ meetodil, on C-box kappidesse eriti mugav tellida selliseid kaupu, mille puhul pakub e-pood tasuta või soodsat The goods that can be delivered to your C-box parcel machine are those that offer the option of “home delivery”, which is why it is especially convenient to order goods that offer free or low-cost home delivery. It is worth mentioning that smaller web shops tend to offer low-cost delivery to parcel machines in big shopping centers but bigger webshops, as well as international ones, almost always offer the “home delivery” option. Using the C-box parcel machine in those cases means receiving your goods at home without having to wait for them to arrive! 

We recommend using the C-box parcel machine for the delivery of temperature-sensitive goods (e.g. make-up products, soaps, medicine, etc.). The C-box lockers are the only ones in Estonia that have an adjustable internal temperature option and are thus perfect for the storage of temperature-sensitive goods.

Why is it especially convenient to order groceries to the C-box lockers?

Estonia’s biggest grocery stores offer the option to order groceries online so people could save time on a daily basis. However, it is often difficult to predict the exact time you will be home to receive the delivery. And more often than not early morning and evening slots for delivery are also full. That is when the C-box lockers with adjustable internal temperature come to save the day.

When choosing the internal temperature of “cool”, your C-box locker will be exactly as cold as your refrigerator at home (+5C) and it will keep your produce fresh until you get home. When choosing the internal temperature of “warm” (+40C), your locker will be nice and warm and keep your food deliver / take away hot.

How safe are the C-box lockers?

The C-box locker can only be accessed by a person who has the required C-code to open it. That includes you and the person to whom you have sent the C-code after booking your locker.

All C-codes are unique. Once the C-code has been used, the same code cannot be used again. For example, if the courier dropped off the package using code 34345, then that same code cannot be reused (not by you, not by the courier, and not by a third party). Similarly, the code for picking up your package can be used only once.

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